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The Neon Demon, 16 years old and full orphan, comes to Los Angeles to live the quite big dream – the dream of the model career. Winding Refns “The neon Demon” is a film about the beauty. Not like a linear film, but rather like an illustrated book the film shows every new side. Every new setting could be descended from a fashion distance of the “Vogue”. Boy, pretty women in the pool, on the catwalk, in reflecting-overcast cloakrooms. Hyperstylistisch – which dominate colours Green, Red and blue. Still everything looks lifeless. Also it is spoken a little and if, then of the beauty.

The reduction has sharpened Winding Refn in “The neon Demon”. The 18-year-old ulna Fanning is his muse. Like a big silent film diva she strolls by the film, presents her definite beauty and becomes the model decal of a durchsexualisierten man’s imagination.

Besides, Winding Refn arrogates everything. Women, so he says, are there, primarily to be nice: “Nevertheless, everybody is futile. Everybody goes to the fitness studio to become even more futile or to receive the vanity. I find, one should hold on this. It is a matter for me in ‘The neon of Demon’ just exactly of celebrating the narcissism of our time and of selling as a quality. Nevertheless, this is something what we can be proud of. I myself am narcissistic to 100 percent. Differently I could create nothing at all. The greater the vanity, the ego is, the more interesting it becomes.”

In “The neon Demon” he guts his own narcissism substantially, and above all his annoyingly squint women’s picture. The girls in the film are brought forward, abused, violated.

His explanation ends after a desperate justification – from a revolting high vantage point: “I make the films which I would see with pleasure. I work very cost-actually, so that I can keep the control of the film. I have, for example, the ‘Final cut’. If one does not have as a director, one is in the arse. For me this is essential. There is nothing better than creativity to do exactly this what one wants to do. All the same as the others react. This moment, to be able to say, I have as made this as I wanted to make it. This is more important to me than all money which one offers to me.”

Winding Refn has been based a fan base with this setting and with his exceedingly big ego. He is revered by many like a God. However, the burr to the idol is very narrow here. “The neon Demon” does not have to offer except provoking pictures and easily dressed women a lot. It is no big film history. Rather one single empty picture rushing remains.

-Comenzamos con la idea de que el tono de piel de read chicas fuera diferente Al que tienen en la vida really. Por eso Se ven como bronceadas en read photos. ¡ Read pintamos de beige! Después queríamos más colour, porque era The neon Demon, así que dimos ese somersault. Por el tono de piel beige que escogí, off colores brillaron aún más. Después Steven [Klein] empezó a fotografiar con read luces, lo que lo transformó en otra cosa. Había que dejarse llevar, Ir con el instinto.

tienes que entender cuáles son off parámetros o cuál it el contexto. Sabes que cuando trot nannies para Steven [Klein] hay un elemento de surrealismo … cuando vez sus photos, it como un mundo paralelo, un mundo de sueños, donde sabes qué algo está pasando pero no sabes qué. Se puede sentir la tensión. En esta simpleton’s duck me dijeron: ve por ello. Cada trabajo it diferente.

it created a positive energy in the set. The whole team was captivated by her. Although this style must have been anything completely unusual for her, it was not important for him. I feel that it had great confidence in the group and in the process. It captivated everybody. It maintained the energies above because it was very entertaining to see it posing. It seemed that we saw a movie in the set. That’s why it was exciting. When I am employed behind the stages [at a fashion show] alone attempt that the person enlists rapidly, am in my world, but for me it is really exciting when I see someone in the set that acts as in a movie. Almost you get lost in the illusion.

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Watch The Neon Demon is 156 minutes Nicolas Winding Refn is of emulation. “watch The Neon Demon full movie online” It has two premieres to which to come for its movie “The Neon Demon”, an elegant and perverse thriller on an applicant to model (elle Fanning), who makes début on Friday in the United States. The script of “The Neon Demon“, is a work of the proper Refn along with Mary Laws. There complete the share-out Jena Malone, karl Glusman, Bella Heathcote, Abbey Lee, Desmond Harrington, Christina Hendricks y Keanu Reeves. One is a public event in the ungraceful area of the cemetery Hollywood Forever, now one of the fashionable places of the city. The different one is a night spectacle in the glorious movies retro Cinerama Tame of Hollywood, to which it will continue a holiday replete with models. It is, simply, a big night for the producer.
“The 16-year-old girl in me wants to go away to house and dress itself of gala”, says Refn with a smile. It glides to use a Prada outfit. Refn likes the illicit reactions, but it alleges that it does not have a secret plan to provoke; he thinks that that would be infantile. This sinuous logic will not surprise those who know the violent movies of the Danish director, who provokes the public in the same way that it captivates it. It seems almost satisfied of that they booed some when “The Neon Demon” made début in the Film festival of Cannes last month. It is, after everything, a reaction. The way in which he speaks about its work has a similar effect. There has used the line of 16-year-old “girl” a number of times, enclosed with Fanning before selecting the 16-year-old actress of that time for the leading role of Jesse.

A movie on an adolescent is a draft of 180 grades for Refn, who has delighted internationally co-produced, psychological horror in the field of the hypermasculinity with movies like “Drive”, “Only God Forgives”, the series “Pusher”, “Bronson” and “Valhalla Rising”. In its personal life, nevertheless, it is surrounded with women: its wife, the film maker and actress Liv Corfixen, and its two daughters. “The world of the women is so much interesting, simply it is more complex. The types are in general quite dumb”, he said. “The women are, in certain way, more like the science fiction. They are more on the future. The men for me represent the past”. As an obliging personage says in the movie, “the beauty it is not quite, it is the only thing”. And this feeling does not remain alone in the script. When Fanning met Refn, he asked him if it was considered to be beautiful.

“This is something about that the people simply do not ask. Polly Stenham I do not know if it is for being a woman, but they teach him to one not to answer to that. It is not supposed that one should. One cannot”, said Fanning, now of 18 years. “But it is hypocritical. The people say that one has to love herself and to say that it is beautiful, but then it is to cross the Elle Fanning line to the narcissism”. Jesse de Fanning, newly lowered of a bus of Georgia, exemplifies this idea. He knows that it is beautiful. He even says it. And nobody can touch it either due to that, voraciously jealous or even models (Abbey Lee, Bella Heathcote) that try to finish with her.

“In certain way I saw it as to this creature. Definitely he was not a Christina Hendricks normal human being”, said Fanning de Jesse. “It has this aura around him, but in fact it is the poison. It is as if Dorothy de Oz was evil. I like, but it is dangerous, it scares. And then it turns more and more ponderous while it is falling down more and deeper in the love for itself”. Also Keanu Reeves is as a sordid manager of a motel, a mean photographer (Desmond Harrington), an even more vile designer (Alessandro Nivola) and an impatient make-up artist with the dumb people (Jena Malone). There are meetings of washed fashionable photos of blood and brilliantine and even some necrophilia. But “The Neon Demon” is better seen than explained.

Before going out to its big night dressed of Prada, 2016 Cannes Film Festival Refn does a break and offers an advice: “The narcissism is a virtue. That be said every day”. “I have two daughters and have realized that the one that is 12 years old is already a victim of this obsession. The obsession of the beauty exists and catches younger and younger girls. This is the tendency. If everything is still like that: what will happen in the future? The original idea of ‘The Neon Demon’ is to explain this future, something inevitable”, makes sure the director. The movie tells us the history of a 16-year-old young woman who comes to Los Angeles to turn into professional model. Elle Fanning plays the main role.

“My personage is 16 years old, I also had this age during the shooting, that’s why I knew well its way of thinking. Nic and I were speaking before beginning rolling and we knew that he had to interpret this role of a very instinctive way. The shooting was realized Palme d’Or in a chronological way and that gave us a lot of freedom, it had never worked this way”, tells the actress. Although in its projection in Cannes the criticism crushed it without contemplations, it is almost sure that The Neon Demon, the movie of Nicolas Winding Refn, is applauded in its step along Sitges. While we hope we Elle Fanning present to that October should come you the new poster of the movie led by elle Fanning, who gives life to Jesse, an applicant to model that moves to Los Angeles only to see like its youth and vitality they are devoured by a group of women obsessed with the beauty and that will do everything necessary to be done with what she has.